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The Wyoming Conservative Alliance is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to protecting conservative values in Wyoming. Our mission is to promote three timeless conservative values and inform voters to keep legislators accountable.

The PAC was designed to unite grassroots conservatives, preserve Wyoming's freedoms and restore our personal liberties. To achieve that, we have compiled existing ratings to assess, where available, current and prospective members of the Wyoming senators and representatives on their stances regarding:

- 2nd Amendment (rated by the NRA and Wyoming Gun Owners)

- The Right to Life (rated by Wyoming Right to Life)

- Small Government (rated by the Club for Growth and Tax Pledge by Americans for Tax Reforms)

By creating a list of all current and prospective senators and representatives, we aim to help shed light on Wyoming policymakers and inform voters before the primary and the November election.


Please see the criteria page for how the rating has been conducted and join the fight to make our legislature reflect our state's conservative values!


Please be aware that Wyoming Conservative Alliance did not create the grades for the individuals running for office in Wyoming - the grades were pulled from the organizations mentioned above.

It is time to change history and make this beautiful state conservative again!

Wyoming Conservative Alliance is a PAC committed to making the State of Wyoming Conservative again.

Email: contact@wyomingca.org

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