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Disappointing 2020 Legislative Session

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The 2020 legislative session came to an end in mid-March. The outcome was a rather disappointing one for Wyoming pocketbooks, for Wyoming’s most vulnerable citizens, and for Wyoming gun owners.

Legislators seemed to be much more interested in implementing new taxes- and creating the bureaucracies to run them- than in responsibly managing the state’s budget. The 2020 Budget Session brought Wyoming a shiny new lodging tax and all the regulatory red tape that comes with it. Introduced and passed by legislators who at one time promised not to raise taxes, the lodging tax constitutes a new tax, leaving many legislators to someday demand that we raise it.

Sometimes it seems that the conservatives are in the minority in the legislature even though most hold themselves out as such.

Another bill that didn’t see the light of day was House Bill 118, which would have protected the right of Wyoming gun owners against federal encroachment on the right to keep and bear arms. After surviving the House chambers, the bill was watered down by the Senate, and was defeated on third reading.

While the legislature was busy exploring new taxes and new ways to weaken Second Amendment protections, it gave little attention to protecting the unborn. Barely passing first reading in the Senate, the Human Heartbeat Protection Act (Senate File 131) was killed in committee by legislators who vowed to defend life. Why do some state legislators campaign one way, then vote another? Is it because these legislators rely on the fact that their constituents might know what’s really happening in Cheyenne?

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