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Do Wyoming Laws Actually Protect Life?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Science tells us that life begins at conception. Science tells us that the starting point for any mammalian organism is fertilization. Science tells us that fertilization occurs at conception. But the science of life means nothing if the law doesn’t protect it.

The Wyoming legislature approved a an abortion bill in March 2020 to preserve the lives of abortion survivors; only to be vetoed by Governor Gordon in March, who argued that Wyoming’s laws already protect the unborn. According to his words, "it will harm people it never intended to harm — parents who want a child, but have received the devastating news that their pregnancy is not viable."

Just twenty-three days later, a Torrington judge dismissed a meth-using mother’s child endangerment charges on the grounds that, under Wyoming law, a “fetus” isn’t a “child”. Today, a baby tests positive for methamphetamine. Her mother walks free.

We must uphold what science tells us by updating Wyoming’s laws to protect the unborn. As our laws stand today, our most vulnerable population is at risk. Help us make Wyoming a place safe for the unborn!

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